Friday, May 31, 2013

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City Made Of ToysEnjoy:  The Mexican Coca~Cola FlowerIt's The Thought Behind The Gift That CountsComing To Our SensesI Ran Out Of Oil50 Steps East Is West
Simply DifficultAlways Take Advantage Of Your SituationThe WishI Am Not Just Another Brick In The WallOne Of Us Is In The Wrong PlaceThe 1970's
Runways For BeesHow Disneyland Got It's Fall ColorsDear Santa, Just Bring Me The Loot Already!Brothers Driftwood And Tiki TorchThe Garlic Society ExperimentCactus Kilroy, A Fly And The Back End Of A Cadillac
The Beauty of AgeHusband Number TwoThe Flexible Legs Of A DoDoIn The FutureAstro BlasterWires

Most Interesting, a set on Flickr.

A Photo Set by HBMike2000

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Coming To Our SensesWho Knew They Had CamerasI Ran Out Of OilAlways Take Advantage Of Your SituationThe Tragic Death Of Philippe RockPennies And Dimes Tell A Thousand Stories
50 Steps East Is WestI Am Not Just Another Brick In The WallYou ThereUnited We Stand, Divided We're BlindHoney Dew HellChicken Wings Shmicken Wings!  Check Out These Puppies!
The Last Sentry of a Dying BenchWild Blue Yonder

Getty Images, a set on Flickr.

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The Gargoyles Fight

The Gargoyles Fight by hbmike2000
The Gargoyles Fight, a photo by hbmike2000 on Flickr.

The Gargoyles Fight

Gargoyles prowl the night,fighting off evil spirits. Broken and bruised as the morning sun rises and the first warm rays of the golden hour reach there bodies, they fall into a deep sleep to awaken the next evening to do battle all over again.

Too bad mine can't even win a fight against a little ole kitty cat.

View in the darkest of nights

Our Daily Challenge: Golden Hour