Sunday, October 31, 2010


We spend so much time moving around at lightning speed, rushing from point A to point b, that we miss the entire world that surrounds us. We live our lives oblivious to the beauty that exists right in our own backyards. That is, until one day, we get lost.

We typed the address into our GPS to someplace I don't recall out in who knows where and headed on our way. We took the off ramp as instructed and turned here and there like we were supposed to.

We ended up on a small two lane, oak shaded road that wound its way through some hills. No longer thinking we were on he right road, we just couldn't turn around at this point, it was beautiful. After a fourty minute drive through back country, we acually came to our destination which was located right next to an on and an off ramp to the Hwy we originally turned off of, just 5 miles further down.

Don't really know why the GPS took us the way it did, but I was happy.

We had such a great time on our adventure, that we decided to do it again...on purpose. Driving down the 76 we decided to turn off not knowing where we were going. Nothing. Making a u-turn in an unasuming drive way to head back home, we ended up in the parking lot of the Rosicrucian Fellowship compound. All I can say is WOW.

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Thursday, October 7, 2010


Polaroids! Who doesn't love instant gratification? For me it brings up memories of the 70's. As a kid I remember waving that poor picture around like a crazy person, checking it every 10 seconds to see if it was done yet.

Imagine how happy I was to find not one but TWO great camera apps for my Droid Incredible.

The first app is the Retro Camera app using the Xolaroid camera.

It has high contrast and high X-processing saturation. The color cast is blue/green and pictures of plants and bodies of water come out great. The unique style gives plain pictures an interesting look.

The second app is the FX Camera app using the Polandroid camera. It gives the picture a warmer tone great for vacation shots.

With a little help from Pic-Say Pro you can even add writing to the bottom just like the real thing.

If you're looking for something unigue to change things up, grab a paroid and have fun.

Now, I'm off to go take some more pictures and shake my camera phone around like a crazy person!
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Having Fun With Your Camera

There are many reasons we take pictures; artistic purposes, memories, documentation. Sometimes we take pictures just to be silly.

Pictures can he silly, stupid, funny, absurd. They can mean nothing, something, have hidden meanings or make a blatant comment about society or politics.

Creating silly or fun pictures only have to do one thing; bring laughter to the photographer.

For more pictures of my eyeball visit

So go out and take some silly pictures and feel free to leave the link in the comments section.

All pictures were taken with the Vignette camera app and edited with the PicSay Pro app.

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