Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Right Now, I Have That Same Look

Yeppers, Full on bliss and standing on my head with tears in my eyes. (which makes it difficult to type by the way). July 5th my computer crashed, it wouldn't come up at all. I finally got a 15 year old hand me down, got it set up and between the 15 minutes of down time between each click, set out to take some photos. After a few clicks I was happy with the shot and ran back to the computer only to find it HAS NO SLOTS for the camera's card! I cried a little. Fine, I rolled across the floor like a big baby crying "WHY ME!" I gave up.

Then, two days ago, for no apparent reason, a plugged the old computer back up and the stupid thing came on. I shut everything off, hooked up the mouse and keyboard, turned it back on ... nothing. You guessed it, I was back on the floor rolling around crying "WHY ME!" once again. (by the way, it's a good way to pick up all the cat hair down there, I was a fluff ball by the time I got back up)

So today, I came home, turned it on, held my breath, passed out, came too and there it was, on and working.

I guess it's back to vacuuming up the cat hair now.

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Thursday, July 4, 2013