Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So Close

So Close by hbmike2000
So Close a photo by hbmike2000 on Flickr.
I went out today (not really) to try my hand at some candid shots. I've never done one before so I was quite excited about it (not really). Luckily I came across Frog, James Frog running across some building tops chasing a Perp.

I was down in the streets running to keep pace with my camera facing up to the tops of the building following the action. The Perp came to a gap between two buildings and jumped. He flew through the air like a bird and landed smoothly on the other building. Frog, James Frog picked up speed, got to the edge, leapt, went about a foot, foot and half and plummeted about 100 inches to the ground. The Perp got away. I snapped the shutter and got my first candid shot.

Fine, I'm a wuss! One day I will get the nerve to take a candid shot of someone but as of now when I point my camera at someone and they even so much as look in my direction, I throw my hands in the air, scream like a little girl and runaway. Slightly embarrasing. :)

View in black or you may accidentally fall of a 100 inch tall skyscraper

Our Daily Challenge: Candid


Although this is an HDR image, the sharpness, high contrast and grit was added in Lightroom. I used the same technique I used in the Kindergarten Mafia series

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blood, Shot And A Coach Named Pong

With coach Pong yelling words of encouragement and Shot yelling words of discouragement, Blood can only stand by ambiguous to the game at hand as he ponders who scribbled on his table tennis court.

100 Words: #4 Ambiguity

Lets vote whether to view on black. All in favor say eye. The Eyes have it, view in black.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Stick And Poke

Stick And Poke by hbmike2000
Stick And Poke a photo by hbmike2000 on Flickr.
On a recent excursion to one of the most isolated places on earth, my yard, I spotted this rare and unusual Stick And Poke plant. Being extremely quiet, I hid in the underbrush as not to scare it with the hopes of capturing it alive. With the step of my foot and the snap of a branch, the rare and unusual Stick And Poke plant was onto me. It lunged for me, sticking and poking. I dodged left and faked right, slapped and kicked! It pointed to my shoe as if it was untied, I looked down, it poked my rump! We fought for hours before I was finally able to capture it, alive.

I now have it alive in a private zoo of plants. I am gonna grow it big and fat and juicy then kill it and make me a glass of Tequila. Yeah baby!

I yelled at the shell of a computer I have for about 30 minutes, grabbed my phone, selected Vignette Camera, chose the Scary Movie filter, petted the kitty and went outside in the drizzle and snapped away. On a tiny little phone it looks cool so you all crazy people need to let me know how it looks on real peoples computers.

View on black or a spooky person will climb out of your screen and get you!

Our Daily Challenge: Dangerous

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gargoyles and Gardening

Gargoyles and Gardening by hbmike2000
Gargoyles and Gardening a photo by hbmike2000 on Flickr.
Well Pat, I'm 44 years old, married and I like gargoyles and gardening. I'm very excited to be here on Wheel of Fortune. Can I give a shout out to all my friends at Our Daily Challenge? I can? Thanks. To the ODC flickr group, TTTHHHHPPPPTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! I'm on Wheel of fortune and your not! :)

Our Daily Challenge: Hobbies

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Vintage by hbmike2000
Vintage a photo by hbmike2000 on Flickr.
I saw this wonderful 108 year old lady walking down the street the other day with this vintage metal vase. I thought it was gorgeous! I loved it so much I asked her if I could have it. She said no, it's what she drinks her vintage wine from. So I kicked the drunken lushes walker out from underneather her, ran, and now I have this cool vintage vase.

PS. Please don't send me hate mail. I called 911 after lunch to go pick her up. :)

Our Daily Challenge: Vintage

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Frog, James Frog

Frog, James Frog by hbmike2000
Frog, James Frog a photo by hbmike2000 on Flickr.
Speeding down the highway at 180 in his Aston Martin, James Frog was catching up to the bad guys when he saw a penny in the road. Not one to pass up a good luck penny, he skidded to a stop and ran out in front of his car to pick it up. Maybe next time James Frog will remember to put the car in park.


For our Ugly challenge (snicker snicker) I chose "road kill" for the subject. But dang, that frog is UUGGLLLYYYY.

Our Daily Challenge: Ugly

View on black (the Astons still not in park you know)

Monday, March 21, 2011


Interpretation by hbmike2000
Interpretation a photo by hbmike2000 on Flickr.
I saw the challenge for today and saw that it was chosen by Old One Eye so I new I had to use Blood and Shot for the photo shoot since they have no eyelids and they are always wide open. I just couldn't come up with an idea on how to use them

Then, I realized the perfect thing. It's your turn to write the story.
I leave this photo wide open to interpretation. YOU give me your story of what you see. I will put the best story at the top of this description and credit you.

Or, just leave a comment letting me know what you think.

Hope you have fun with this one.

View in black or I'll poke your eye out

Our Daily Challenge: Wide Open

PS. You must leave your story on the Flickr page in order for it to be posted in the description. Click on the pic, it will take you there

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Kibou by hbmike2000
Kibou a photo by hbmike2000 on Flickr.
As we look around our surroundings, we all see different sights. Some of us see the oceans we live next to, others the mountains they live below. Deserts, forest, cities or countryside, we all have different views of where we are.

The next time you look up in the sky and you see the moon, think to yourself, every person in the world can view upon this. Then you will know exactly where you truly are.


When tragedy happens on the scale of what has happened to Japan, I see borders erased and that gives me hope that someday we will be able to erase borders without having to suffer first.

Our Daily Challenge: Hope (Kibou)

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Jealous? by hbmike2000
Jealous? a photo by hbmike2000 on Flickr.
This is just an interlude to make all the people who live in cold areas jealous. It is my Red Baron Peach Tree set against a blue sky. No, really, behind that smog is blue sky. Trust me.

Celebrations Past

Celebrations Past by hbmike2000
Celebrations Past a photo by hbmike2000 on Flickr.
I saw todays topic last night during a break at work(it usually shows up in my time zone around 9pm to 11pm give or take) and said, rather loudly, "For crying out loud!" Then I read, topic chosen by Kwikwit! I muttered somthing about getting even and then went back to work.

I have had horrible computer problems for the last month and have not been able to really do any processing. It has been hit and miss. Then I lost Lightroom and couldn't get it to work at all. I FINALLY get it back, yeah you guessed it, last night and I see the new challenge is SOOC! BOOOOOO! (I am so glad no one can see me right now, I get the giggles sometimes when I write this stuff. Makes for blowing the truth out of proportion difficult).


SOOC, duh.

PS. This is somewhere around photo 80 I took. Why? Because I took a bunch of shots and forgot to change the white balance. Then I took a bunch more shots and realized I forgot to take it off of RAW and wasn't going to download some 15MB image.

Then gave up on what I was shooting, iit wasn't working, set the camera properly, went outside, saw this, bent down, got close, snapped ONE shot, came inside, liked it, and now you are looking at it.

View on black or I will take a picture of you without setting the white balance and you will look all jaundiced

Kwikwit, you are awsome by the way and I did love the challenge. It challenged me.

Our Daily Challenge: SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bad Monkey, Bad!

Bad Monkey, Bad! by hbmike2000
Bad Monkey, Bad! a photo by hbmike2000 on Flickr.
This is my monkey. His name is Onmyback. I was looking for him earlier for a photo shoot and couldn't find him. I searched high and low before finding him behind some bushes smoking!

So for punishment, I decided to kill two birds with one stone. Get him to quit smoking and get some cool shots of him. So I slapped 20 nicotine patches on him and grabbed my camera.

>> Two hours later <<

Just got back from the hospital, monkey is fine.

PS. View on black or you could end up with a monkey Onmyback too

100 Words: Addictive

One If By Land

One If By Land by hbmike2000
One If By Land a photo by hbmike2000 on Flickr.
When I was a wee lad I heard a rapping on my front door one night. I opened the door and was confronted by a man wearing a funny hat and knickers. Mike, he says to me, we need your help. The Brittish are coming and we don't know which way they will arrive. You being in southern California, have a perfect vantage point to see them coming early.

He gave me two candles. If they came by land he said, place one candle in the dry brush ontop of the hill and if they came by sea, place two candles in the dry brush ontop of the hill.

A fortnight (I have no clue how long that is) went by and I spotted them. An army driving there Mustangs down the 101 highway.

Needless to say, being a wee lad, I was scared. Petrified. I lit the candle and chucked it out the window and it landed in my Plum tree.

Thought it looked pretty there, so I left it. Never heard back from the strange man with the funny hat and knickers but now you know why I have a candle in my Plum tree.

True story, I swear.

Click the pic to view on black. Really, do we have to go through this everytime?!?!?! :)

Our Daily Challenge: Solitude

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wish You Were Hear

Wish You Were Hear by hbmike2000
Wish You Were Hear a photo by hbmike2000 on Flickr.
Dear Christmas Decorations,

So sorry I was late for the packing. I heard you were all chucked ... er, placed in a box and buried deep in the cold dark bowels of the garage. Hope you all are having fun and having a good ole merry, cheary time.

It has been horrible for me. I have had to endure warm sunny days on the beach and sip iced tea. Hope all is well, I'm off to get a pedicure. See you next year.

Sunny the Snowman

Our Daily Challenge: Mug

PS. I have changed my name from Frosty to Sunny.

Click the pic or I will chuck a snowball at you! (living on the coast of southern California any snowball I can make is gonna hurt)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Ultimate Scale

The Ultimate Scale by hbmike2000
The Ultimate Scale a photo by hbmike2000 on Flickr.
Our Daily Challenge: Symmetry

For the first time EVER two powerhouses join forces to bring you this ultimate in scales!!!

Alice from the famed book Through The Looking Glass and Jenny Craig have combined forces to bring you the perfect scale! No more dieting! Eat what you want! Twinkee look good? Eat it! You can't gain weight with this new scale! The more you eat, THE LESS YOU WEIGH!

This can ALL be yours for the low LOW price of $599!!!

But wait! Theres MORE!
Act now and we'll send you a FREE twinkee! Thats right, a FREE twinkee!

Phone lines are open so call NOW


click the pick to view on black or I will hide the snacky cakes.


I used my Droid Incredible phone for this lovely dish today. The FX Camera app has a tasty SymmetriCam that is just absolutely delicious! Not quite happy with the taste originally, so I tried something a little different to spice it up. I ran it through Photomatix (a single pic) and used the Painterly setting on it. Cropped it in Picnik and here it is fresh from the oven

Bon Appetite

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


DOH! by hbmike2000
DOH! a photo by hbmike2000 on Flickr.
100 WORDS: 2 Accident
While potting a beatiful plant called @#$%& (thats what I call it ever since it left numerous cuts and scratches on my lovely hands) I poked my hand wih one of its spikes and dropped the pot.
Yelling (we will just say I yelled OW) I stood up then accidentilly stepped on the broken pot. Repeatedly. :)
It has been awhile since I used my Droid Incredible phone as a camera. I used the Baerbl cam from the Retro Cam app. It is my favorite Cam app.

My Peach Tree Has The X Factor!

Our Daily Challenge: Shaped Like A Letter

With the X Factor coming to America and me with the talent of bug, I've been scrambling to find the next big thing with the X factor. I found it!

Ladies and Gentleman, I introduce you too ... My Peach Tree!

It's talent? It doesn't need any, it has the "X Factor" as you can see by the branches.

Oh yeah, its tasty too! (not the branches you goof, the fruit)

View on black (I accidently broke a branch so I have no qualms over beating you with it even though it's only about 2 inches long)

Monday, March 14, 2011

All That Remains Behind

All That Remains Behind by hbmike2000
All That Remains Behind a photo by hbmike2000 on Flickr.
100 Words: 1 of 100 Abstract

It's an extreme close up of my cats tooth! Don't be silly, his breath smells to bad to get that close. I'm going with it's an alien landscape. Yep, thats what I'm guessing it is.

PS. the reason the map on the side says it's in Costa Mesa, California is because I did not have the Option to chose "alien landscape".

PSS. View on black or I'll send to you to the moon!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Porcelain God

The Porcelain God by hbmike2000
The Porcelain God a photo by hbmike2000 on Flickr.
Our Daily Challenge: Religion

What? It's all I could come up with. :)

View on black or I'll hide the Toilet Paper.

(btw) this is a play on the phrase "porcelain god" and in no way shape or form means anything else. I don't care what religion you are, if you can't have respect for someone else or there beliefs then you are not much of a person.


I actually shot this with 5 exposures at 1 apart with just one compact flourescent light coming from the lamp. And in order to get the shot, I had to hand hold it. No easy feat for me. There were 10 series before I got one that was not blurry. Ran it through Photomatix and usually I go for a more natural look but I really like the artistic feel the "Painterly pre set gave it. Only minor adjustments off of the pre set
Hope you enjoy


Lunar(ed) by hbmike2000
Lunar(ed) a photo by hbmike2000 on Flickr.
Our Daily Challenge: Begins With The Letter "L"


Ok, so it didn't really turn out the way I expected. The whole idea was to take a photo of the Lavender plant out front. No brainer.

I grabbed the monkey and took him out with me. I was gonna make it up to him for shovin him in box for the last photo. (was kinda mean) So, I thought I would place him in the Lavender and take a pretty picture.

Monkey in one hand, camera in the other, I approached the Lavender plant. A honey bee flew from the Rosemary and started buzzing in my face. I gently waved it away.

I approached the Lavender again and the bee buzzed back. With my arms waving in the air and yelling "for crying out loud" I retreated away from the Lavender.

A few minutes passed and I felt it safe to approach the Lavender again. With in a foot of gently placing the monkey int the Lavender, the dang bee bee lined straight for me again!

Without thinking, I chucked the monkey at him and this is how he landed ... in the Rosemary ... which has nothingt to do with the letter "L" ... I don't care. :)

Not sure if the monkey is Mooning me on accident or on purpose but I'm using it.

Poor Monkey, he's having a bad day

View on black or I'll chuck the monkey at you too! :)

An Alternative To Spanking The Monkey

Lock him up!

Our Daily Challenge: Latch

Stop snickering, thats NOT what I meant!

View on black or your going in the box next

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mr Heinz Pricks His Finger

Our Daily Challenge: Sharp

All I could think of was the Rose Bush out front. So I called up my good friend Mr Heinze and asked for his help. (There is no way i am sticking MY fingers in there).

He agreed to come over and help out with the shoot. (He has the brains of a tomato, you know). I don't think he will be helping me anymore. One little prick and the big wuss was rolling on the ground crying. Big baby. :)


You want to know the process of this? I ran it through photomatix then tried to run it through Lightroom for the touch up. I am still having major computer problems here and lightroom, although will run, will not show me the actuaul photo. So, I edited the photo blind through Lightroom and this is what I ended up with. Ta-da.

Snack Time

Snack Time by hbmike2000
Snack Time a photo by hbmike2000 on Flickr.

One of the beautiful things about life is, it is constantly changing. Like nature, it ebbs and flows bringing new twists and turns around every corner.

Sorry for being away. Things change and sometimes you have to sprint to keep up. I'm fine but I've worn the rubber soles off of my tennies :)