Sunday, February 6, 2011

Crime Scene

Crime Scene
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In other news, with the underbelly of Kindergarten cleaned up and the suspects on a time out, the famous news photographer, Two Foot Tall Clown Midget has gone missing. Last seen a German Shepherd had snatched him up like an ugly dog toy and ran off to bury him.

The dog refuses to say where.

This is the last known photo he shot before going missing.

Our Daily Challenge: Underneath


This is a big stretch to say the least but I have racked my brain today to come up with something and all I get is static. Tried to play on the "underground" idea of being buried but I draw the line at burying myself for a shot.

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out

In todays news we bring you more on the story of the hairy, pigeon toed five year olds that went on a rampage yesterday demanding their candy back.

During a high speed pursuit on Big Wheels one of the marauding boogers crashed and accidentally shot his eye out with his own Air Pop Ball Gun.

Crying, he quickly gave the names of the others and they have all been sent to their rooms for a time out.

Politicians through out the Southland are rejoicing and eating suckers

Pictures courtesy of a two foot tall midget clown whom we have hired at this station now

Our Daily Challenge: Round


I'm learning processing slowly here. I wanted to continue yesterdays theme of the 70's exploitation film

This time I started by making an HDR image. I actually super smoothed everything out and just stuck with the great tone mapping to even out the light and dark tones a bit. Then processed through Lightroom.

Again I cranked up the clarity and the contrast and sharpened the image like mad. Over saturated the blue then brought down the over all saturation and vibrance. Last I added grain to get that gritty feel.

View in black (or I will throw my shoe at you. It fell off while I was running around in circles with my hands in the air yelling "aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! My eye!")

Friday, February 4, 2011


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In todays news, a band of hairy, pigeon toed five year olds were seen taking the streets today attacking older kids and adults. Armed with air powered pop guns they were demanding the candy back that was taken from them. Politicians all around the Southland have gone in hiding. The only picture of them we have at this moment was taken by a two foot midget clown who survived the ordeal.

Our Daily Challenge: Knees


About the shot

I know our fearless leader only passes on the topic but I was convinced Yvonne was heavily medicated when I saw the topic and did a typo. (Yvonne, you know I am only kidding and I think your great so don't throw me out please). Knees. Hmmm

So I came up with the story of five year olds fed up with there candy being stolen and figured out how to represent it.

I wanted a 70's explotation movie feel to it. I ran the image through lightroom, made it vivid first.

Then I cranked up the clarity, contrast and brought the black levels up to 25.

Next I oversatuated the blue only, then desaturated the whole picture. I wanted the blue jeans to still stand out. Very slight vignette and lastly added grain to the image.
I wanted a.stark gritty picture that only a two foot clown could take.

Hope you like this one.

View in black. (or I will stick a sucker on your back and point you out)

Thursday, February 3, 2011


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Don't look at me that way. I didn't do it, you didn't see me do it, and I have a real good alibi.

Our Daily Challenge: Glimpse

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pull My Finger

Pull My Finger
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Today class, we learn some common misconceptions about quotes.
1. "Play it again Sam" was never spoken in the movie Casablanca.
2. "Pull my finger" is not a request, it is a courtesy.

Our Daily Challenge: Quoted

PS. Pick your bottom jaw up and stop staring at me like I'm a loon. You all KNEW I would go there. :)

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Alice And Coffee

Alice And Coffee
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I met my friend Alice for coffee this morning. She just got back from a wonderful trip. I asked her how it went and she told me fine. She had some tea with a rabbit and played cards with the Queen. It went south when she found the Queen to be cheating and Alice lost her head.
Our Daily Challenge: The One Thing You Would Keep
Moral of the story, always let the Queen cheat. And never trust a writer to get the story correct. And lastly, always keep your head
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