Sunday, March 23, 2014

Great Scott! I Think I Hit 1885!

Via Flickr:
While riding around in my time machine, I decided to head back to the old west to find Dr. Emmett Brown. I had a question that I had been trying to figure out for years and it was driving me crazy. It took me a few days after I got there but I finally found the wild haired ole crazy kook. Doc! I said, how many pounds of beans to I need to eat to get me and my roller skates up to 88 mph?

View from the past

Sliders Sunday HSS

It's two pounds by the way. If you eat three pounds you just go POW! Right to the Moon Alice! and quite frankly that would be a different show and cause a paradox in the space time continuum.

(Also, that building is waist high. It is one of the scale model trains at the Joshua Tree Southern Railroad Museum)

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